First Visit

Your first visit at Arc Integrated Medicine will be 60-75 minutes, during that visit we will go over the detailed intake form that you filled out prior to arrival. We will listen carefully to all your health concerns and begin to develop a professional and trusting relationship with you as the patient. It is important that we understand your whole health picture, so we will ask you a number of questions. The first visit will be primarily talking, but will likely end with a quick physical assessment of your main concerns. Any testing that we think you would benefit from will be recommended at the end of this visit.

We may recommend you begin a treatment plan at the end of your first visit, but if your case is particularly complex, or requires further testing, your comprehensive treatment plan will be discussed at your next visit.

We ask that you bring in any lab reports from blood work that you’ve had done over the last couple years, or anything else you think would be important for us to look over.

Second Visit

This visit is when you are most likely to begin on your treatment plan. If you had lab work done we will carefully review these results with you and discuss the long-term approach to treatment. We will discuss in detail diet, lifestyle, supplement and/or prescription recommendations we have made. From here, your path will differ depending on the goals that we have set together. We will balance your health budget with your goals to make sure we optimize your time, money and wellbeing.

Next Visits

The next visits you will have depend greatly on your health concern and goals. Most patients will be checking in 4-6 weeks after their treatment plan begins. Once you are on the right track, we recommend 3-4 month check-in appointments to monitor your health.

Some programs might require weekly treatments for a shorter period of time. Acupuncture for instance typically works best of done weekly for 4-6 weeks.

Call us for more information about any specific treatment plans.